Over the years, Dorle has experimented with a number of different mediums, such as oil painting, scraperboard, and chalk pastel, testing their limitations through application. This method offers a learning process, one which can be trying due to its trail and error nature. 

Moreover, she combined oil painting with gold leaf and sands of different colors.

Oil on canvas

Her oil application was heavy and vibrant – one could tell she enjoyed the medium, its richness and versatility of color.


As she experimented the scraperboard, Dorle realized that control of the blade was imperative, which made her meticulously plan her work ahead. ’If you make a mistake, you start again’  Dorle would pronounce every time before commencing any new piece. 

​Chalk pastels

Dorle enjoyed chalk pastels, as she could sense the freedom and the speed of application while painting. She was inspired by Miro – his subtle use of shape, almost child-like imagery and felt an affiliation with him. Almost like a machine, she churned out paintings such as ‘ The Winter Forest’, ‘ The Smoker’ ‘Telephone Conversation’.

Gold leaf

As she mastered all the above techniques, Dorle started combining materials such as oil paint with gold leaf. The gold leaf offers another dimension casting reflections of light across the surface. Dorle has used this technique to explore a cross section of topics such as Brexit, immortality and loneliness.


Dorle also combined oil painting with sands of different colors. She found an effect of such a combination extraordinary, juxtaposing the earthiness of the sand with the glossiness of the oil colors.


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