'Magic Worlds of Fantasy' is a book published by David Douglas Duncan, a photographer and a personal friend to Pablo Picasso. The book was inspired by the knowledge that there are many gifted but often unknown artists, whose work is worth to be seen. It reveals the work of Dorle Lindner and three other abstract artists whose common trait is fantasy.


Magic Worlds of Fantasy reveals Dorle’s citations about her inspiration and passion for art. “My sister and I had no toys so I told her stories about flying into the heavens every night. I lived in a world of fantasy, at three years old. Ideas and images just seemed to come naturally to me. And they still do” is just one of them.


Fantasy is prefaced by an eight-page selection of exuberant (and exclusive) "Souvenirs of a Magic World" given to them by Pablo Picasso as tokens of his friendship. The book was produced on presses of Imprimeries Reunies, Lausanne, among the most renowned of all Swiss printers.

Magic Worlds of Fantasy

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